Bandama Crater

The Pico de Bandama is an inactive volcano in the east of Gran Canaria. The crater is 200 meters deep and almost a kilometer wide. This makes it the largest one in Gran Canaria. On the way to the top, you will see prehistoric petroglyphs. Once you reach the top you can enjoy the terrace and a beautiful overlook of all directions of the island. This way you can see Las Palmas in the north with the peninsula La Isleta. In the east you can see the east coast of the island and on the south side you can look into the depths of the crater of Caldera de Bandama. Last but not least, you can look in the west over the mountains with a green golf course of Real Club de Las Palmas.

Nice to know:

  • Parking spaces are provided at the top of the volcano

  • The volcanic character was formed due to collapse

  • Nowadays the crater is used as an agricultural area, as it has very fertile soil

Our advice:

  • You can take a walk down into the crater under guidance of a guide. The journey down takes up to two hours. Don’t forget to take enough water with you, as there are no provisions of food in the crater.