La Vegueta

La Vegueta is the oldest neighbourhood of Las Palmas. It is a historic district where you can admire beautiful buildings. One of those is the Plaza de Santa Ana square. Here you can find colourful buildings such as the Archivo Histórico Provincial de Las Palmas, the Casas Consistoriales de Las Palmas and the 16th century cathedral. Moreover, the art museum CAAM and the Museo Canario (about prehistory) are also worth seeing.

Casa de Colón at the Plaza de Columbus is a place you really can’t miss when you’re around. It is a former governor’s house in which explorer Columbus stayed for a period of time. The building is now a museum, library and study center.

Nice to know:

  • La Vegueta is one of the five districts of Las Palmas

  • Columbus stayed in La Vegueta because one of his ships had to be repaired during his trip