Tejeda is a village in the center of Gran Canaria. It is a small village with a lot to visit. For example, you can visit the museum of the museum of the Canary sculptor Abraham Cárdenes or to the parish church. You can also learn a lot about the healing powers of some Canarian plants.

Also for archeology fanatics there’s a lot Tejeda has to offer. There are a lot of grottos that served as cemeteries, prehistoric houses and petroglyphs. The true highlight is the Rosque Bentayga: this was seen as one of the divine locations for the locals. Within the grottos you can find De Cuevas del Rey, the grottos of the king. A lot of culture and history is there to be explored!

Nice to know:

  • Roque Nublo is the most important symbol for the island and is located within Tejeda

  • Tejeda is known for its pastries and confectionery